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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish: Chapter 1.1

    2098, Jiangnan Base.

    Under the scorching sun, an electric police car drove past the asphalt road and sped towards the only entrance to the base.

    Five minutes ago, the police department received a report stating that there is a drug dealer selling fake drugs over here. Because the stall on the roadside attracted a lot of mercenaries, there were constantly cars parked in the middle of the road, disrupting traffic order.

    It has been ten years since Officer Wang retired from the army to the police department to maintain law and order at the base. This was the first time he came across such an unbridled drug dealer.

    Half an hour later, Officer Wang saw the accident site at a distance.

    Sure enough, a few off-road vehicles were parked in the middle of the main road, and a dozen mercenaries were gathered under a huge camphor tree by the roadside, watching something.

    When the police car came to a halt, the mercenaries saw three police comrades exit the vehicle. They did not disperse but only made way for an open space.

    Officer Wang, who was about to roar, was stunned.

    Based on experience, such drug dealers are basically some flat-headed men with wretched temperaments. But today, the stall owner sitting under the shade of a tree turned out to be a girl who looked only 17 or 18 years old. She was wearing a set of men’s armor that was clearly ill-fitting. That armor is not even a suit, but a patchwork.

    The armor looks like a mess, but this girl looks exceptionally beautiful. Her exposed skin is white as milk and tender as the newly bloomed petals. A good skin that only a daughter from a wealthy neighborhood can have for a long time in this era. Even her casually tied-up hair exudes a jet-black, smooth luster.

    With this one glance, Officer Wang concluded that she must be a young lady who ran out of the rich district. Whether they are ability users or the ordinary masses, the humans on the base are almost all busy running around for survival. Only these rich kids, who have been pampered since childhood, would run away from home in a fit of anger because of troubles with their families.

    “What are you looking at? Hurry and go back to the base. Do you really want to buy medicine from her?”

    Officer Wang first dismissed the mercenaries who parked indiscriminately.

    The mercenaries looked at his broken left arm, and without saying anything, they got into their cars and left.

    The road returned to calm. Officer Wang squatted down in front of the girl’s stall and looked through the porcelain bottles of various colors while chatteringly asking: “What’s the little girl’s name? Where do you live?”

    At one glance, the person who came to see does not seem to be a serious customer. Gu Fan was a little worried that he would break the medicine bottle. She stared at his hand and said: “My name is Gu Fan. I have no home. I just arrived at Jiangnan base today from the outside.”

    Officer Wang pulled the corners of his mouth, trying to fool who ah. She is like that; if she really came from the outside, she would have been eaten by those monsters a long time ago.

    He patiently advised: “Don’t play smart with me. I’ve seen more monsters than you have eaten rice grains. Listen to me, it is dangerous outside. Go home quickly.”

    She looks like this. She’s in the base right now. If she leaves the base, monsters will eat her, and the male mercenaries will also rush to eat.

    Women, specifically beautiful women, are coveted at any age.

    Gu Fan glanced at the buildings in the distance and said: “I really don’t have a home. That is why I want to sell some medicine in exchange for merit points, and then go inside to buy a house.”

    Officer Wang understood that the little girl was determined not to tell the truth. He smiled and pointed to a pile of porcelain bottles on the ground and asked: “Fine, then you give me an introduction. What are these medicines for?”

    Gu Fan really needs the merit points circulating in this world. Glancing at the man’s sparse hair, Gu Fan picked up a small black porcelain bottle and handed it to him: “This is a Hair Growth Pill. You can take it now, and half an hour… It will take effect in an hour. There are two capsules inside, a total of 200 merit points.”

    Officer Wang: ……

    Behind him came the muffled laughter of two small police officers. Officer Wang smiled insincerely. He pushed aside Gu Fan’s hand, stood up, and said: “All right, don’t say something nonsense. Handcuff her and take her back to the police station.”

    Gu Fan was anxious. While putting away the porcelain bottle and placing it into the backpack, she explained to Officer Wang: “Did you misunderstand? My medicine is very effective. I really do not sell fake medicine!”

    Officer Wang had already walked to the side of the police car. He opened the door and got into the car without looking back.

    Gu Fan wanted to say something more, but a police officer took out the handcuffs and motioned her to reach out.

    Gu Fan paused but eventually chose to cooperate.

    She wasn’t sure if she could escape by force, and besides, this Officer Wang seemed like a good guy.

    In the car, Officer Wang sat in the front passenger seat. The sun shone through the window, and the scalp on top of his head was white that it reflected.

    Gu Fan continued to lobby: “Uncle, how about this? You take a Hair Growth Pill first. If the hair on your head really grows out in an hour, you give me some merit points, okay? I really need merit points. Otherwise, I can give you one for nothing.”

    The corners of Officer Wang’s mouth twitched.

    The young police officer who was driving had a hard time holding back his laughter. The one sitting next to Gu Fan could at least cover his mouth with his hands and snicker.

    “Uncle, can’t you try it?”

    “Shut up! If you don’t speak, I will only lock you up for three days. If you criticize and educate, or if you talk more, I will imprison you for three years!”

    Gu Fan:…

    But she was also relieved that the police had only planned to detain her for three days.

    This world still seems quite reasonable, and setting up a street stall to sell medicine is quite common. Although it is illegal here, it is not a serious crime.

    The police car is getting closer and closer to the main city of the base.

    The elixir could not be sold. Gu Fan leaned back in her seat, tilted her head, and quietly looked at everything outside the window.

    She is not from this world.

    She came from a Cultivation Continent.

    In Cultivation Continent, there are many sects and countless outstanding cultivators. Gu Fan, however, is merely a mediocre outer disciple with five spiritual roots from a small sect. She knew that her foundation was too poor, so besides completing the boring tasks assigned by the sect, she spent the rest of her time cultivating desperately. Finally, at the age of 80, she reached the sixth level of the Qi Refining Stage. Her spiritual power can now be released, but her lifespan had also reached a few hundred years old.

    With her waste aptitude and old age, it is difficult for Gu Fan to make further progress even if she continues to practice.

    Hence, for the next twenty years, Gu Fan began specializing in alchemy.

    Her cultivation base is low, and she can only refine some non-standard elixirs for mortals and low-level cultivators. But elixirs are elixirs. They are good quality and inexpensive, with small profits but quick sales. Gu Fan still lives a relatively comfortable and prosperous life with this. Because of her good looks and taking the face-preserving pills, her body maintained the appearance of an 18-year-old. Actually, there were still some good-for-nothing cultivators who wanted to become Dao companions with her.

    Gu Fan refused them all.

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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