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DSSF : Chapter 1.2

    Chapter 1.2

    In a world where the strong eat the weak, no feelings can be relied upon. At that time, it was better to refine some more pills, and relying on the sect is enough to save your life.

    It’s a pity that the sect she belongs to is too weak, so weak, yet likes to show off. One of the elders caused trouble outside and offended the strong. The strong person came with a sword to kill, and razed half of the sect to the ground.

    Gu Fan was lucky to have survived, but on the way to find a new sect, she encountered a powerful demonic beast. There was no way to escape, Gu Fan jumped off the cliff. Then, through a dense fog, came to this strange continent.

    She transmigrated half a month ago.

    For the past half month, Gu Fan has been wandering outside the base. Fortunately, she did not encounter any powerful monsters but instead came across a three-member mercenary team. The three mercenaries had bad intentions toward her, but fortunately, their strength was not as good as hers. Gu Fan took advantage of their unpreparedness to kill two, leaving one alive to learn about this world.

    The mercenary told her that the earth used to be a peaceful and prosperous planet. Fifty years ago, a sudden big radiation led to the end of the world. After the radiation, the global species mutated to varying degrees. The vast majority of animals have mutated into monsters, but only a very small percentage of human beings have gained supernatural abilities.

    The monsters attacked, and the human casualties were heavy. In the end, under the leadership of several S-rank ability user experts, the surviving humans in Huaxia1 were transferred to three city bases. Jiangnan base is one of them.

    Over the past 50 years, the construction of the three bases has become more and more perfect, and the residents in them have performed their own duties. As long as they do not leave the base, they have basically achieved peace and tranquility.

    Gu Fan likes peace, and she can’t find a way to return to the Cultivation Continent. If she can settle down in the base and continue to sell medicines to make money, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t go back. Anyway, she is alone with no relatives, no close friends, and even the sect she lives in has been destroyed. She has no concern in the Cultivation Continent.

    They’ve arrived at the police station.

    Because Gu Fan repeatedly mentioned his hair loss, Officer Wang looked very stinky and was very rude to Gu Fan. He seized Gu Fan’s backpack and arranged for a female police officer to interrogate Gu Fan for a while. After not getting any useful information, Officer Wang asked someone to put Gu Fan in a cell.

    Gu Fan still didn’t give up, and while being pushed forward, she turned around and reasoned with Officer Wang: “Why don’t you find someone to try my medicine? How can you say that my medicine is fake if you haven’t tried it? After you try it and find out that my medicine is real, you must remember to let me out and return the medicine to me!”

    Officer Wang’s face turned dark, arrogant, this little girl is too arrogant!

    “Old Wang, what she said makes sense. You should ask someone to test the components of these pills. Maybe it’s really useful.”

    “Useful, a fart. That’s all. She said that my hair would grow back an hour after I eat it, do you believe it?”

    “… the only way to test the truth is via experimentation.”

    “Then you eat, I don’t see you have much hair either.”

    “More than you…”

    Gu Fan couldn’t hear the police’s gags.

    She was imprisoned in a cell with walls on three sides and an iron fence in the front. Gu Fan tried secretly by holding a fence. With her strength on the sixth level of the Qi refining stage, she only left a shallow finger dent. This hardness, even if she released the Golden Sword Technique, it was going to be hard to cut off for a moment.

    Gu Fan cautiously did not make a move.

    According to what she has heard, her level here can only be regarded as a C-rank ability. Above C-rank, there are also B-rank, A-rank, and S-rank. There are five S-rank ability user experts, a thousand strong A-ranks, 10,000 B-ranks, and a million C-rank troops in the Jiangnan Base. So, Gu Fan is not qualified to be rash and impulsive.

    There was a single bed in the cell. Gu Fan was about to lie on it for a while, when a low gasping sound suddenly came from the opposite cell, as if someone had pulled a serious wound.

    Gu Fan looked towards the opposite side, only to find that there was a very young man lying on the wooden bed in the opposite cell, at most twenty years old.

    The man slowly sat up on the bed board and looked at Gu Fan. He was stunned for a moment. Seeing Gu Fan’s eyes moving to his legs, the man pursed his thin lips and glared at her.

    Gu Fan noticed that this man was very handsome, and the mercenary armor on his body appeared to be a high-grade product, indicating that he had money.

    On his wrist, was a watch that could be used to communicate within the base.

    Other prisoners in custody did not have this kind of treatment. What does it mean? It shows that he is not only rich but also has some power behind him.

    Gu Fan quietly took out a red pill from her storage bracelet, then pretended to rummage through the pockets inside the battle armor before looking at the other side, and said: “Your leg is injured, if it didn’t hurt the bones, take my medicine. I guarantee you that the bleeding will stop immediately, and after half an hour, the wound will heal without even scars.”

    The young man: ……

    Gu Fan saw the same expression on his face as Officer Wang.

    She didn’t think anything of it, and with a flick of her fingertips, the round red pill passed through the metal fence of the two cells and landed in the young man’s arms.

    Gu Fan: “Half an hour, if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you my life. If it works, you will give me a thousand merit points.”

    The young man scoffed at this and swept the medicinal pill to the ground in disgust.

    Just then, his watch suddenly flashed a little red light, and the next moment, a cold and stern voice came from inside: “I said, you are not allowed to leave the city without permission.”

    The young man’s face turned pale.

    “I’ll pick you up at six o’clock in the evening.”

    With a beep, the communication ends.

    Gu Fan was still speculating about the relationship between the two when the young man suddenly glared over and threatened: “If your medicine doesn’t work or even produces other side effects, I have a hundred ways to make you die.”

    Gu Fan: ……

    The next moment, she was happy watching the other party limping off the bed, picking up her medicine, closing his eyes, and throwing it into his mouth.



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    The male lead has appeared, guess which one?

    1. Old name for China or Chinese civilization

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