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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 2.2

    Chapter 2.2

    Gu Fan was shocked.

    Before coming to the base, the mercenary who was interrogated by her said that there were five S-ranked experts in the Jiangnan base. Out of reverence and wariness for the strong, Gu Fan carefully inquired about the five S-rank experts, four of whom were over 50 years old, and only one, who was only 27 years old this year, should be Meng Lianying’s cousin.

    The 27-year-old S-rank expert, who was called Lu Ya.

    The Lu family is very powerful and has produced a total of three S-rank experts. Lu Ya’s grandfather, Lu Sheng, is 78 years old this year. He was one of the first group of ability user to grow up when the great radiation came. The Jiangnan base was established by a group of strong people led by Lu Sheng. Therefore, it was logical that Lu Sheng was pushed to be the head of the four marshals of Jiangnan base.

    Lu Ya’s father, Lu Rong, was also an S-rank expert, but he was killed in a battle ten years ago to clear the monsters, and died young.

    As soon as he was born, Lu Ya was detected to have S-rank gold ability. At the age of 12, he began to participate in the army battle to clear monsters. Now, Lu Ya has become the young marshal of the 250,000 Lu family’s armies in the base. He has made great achievements in the war, and his reputation at the base even surpassed that of his grandfather, Marshal Lu.

    Gu Fan really didn’t expect that when she was put in prison, she could be associated with Lu Ya’s cousin.

    However, with Lu Ya backing up Meng Lianying, it was indeed safer for her to be with Meng Lianying for the time being.

    “You are the first friend I’ve met in Jiangnan base, so it’s okay. I’ll go with you first until I get familiar with this place.”

    After some serious consideration, Gu Fan accepted Meng Lianying’s invitation.

    Meng Lianying was very happy. With Gu Fan’s medicine, it was safer for their mercenary team to go out on missions.

    “By the way, why are you locked up?”

    Gu Fan got angry when he mentioned this: “I set up a stall on the roadside to sell medicine for merit points. They insisted that I was selling fake medicines, and not only they confiscated my medicine but also had to lock me up for three days.”

    Meng Lianying’s voice was raised: “They confiscated your medicine?”

    Gu Fan patted her pocket: “There are still a few pills hidden here.”

    Meng Lianying was also anxious. These are all life-saving medicines. If they are destroyed by the police as counterfeit medicines, what a waste!

    Meng Lianying immediately dialed Lu Ya’s number.

    It took about a minute for the communication to be connected, then the cold and displeased voice came out again: “I’m in a meeting.”

    Meng Lianying: “Cousin, a friend of mine was locked up too. She has very important things in her backpack. Can you call Zhao Bureau and ask their people not to touch the things in her bag?”

    Lu Ya: “What’s your friend’s name?”

    “Gu Fan, a medicine seller.”

    A clear, ethereal voice rang out. Gu Fan answered for Meng Lianying. After all, Meng Lianying didn’t know her name.

    The other side of the communication paused for a few seconds and hung up.

    Meng Lianying breathed a long sigh of relief and smiled at Gu Fan: “Don’t worry, although my cousin looks down on me, he is otherwise responsive to me and will definitely take care of this matter.”

    Gu Fan envied him very much. Isn’t Meng Lianying’s identity in the Jiangnan base similar to a relative of the sect master of some big sect? You can rest easy and be domineering.

    Envy is envy; Gu Fan has long accepted her fate. She is just a low-level follower. It’s already good to have a skill and make money to support herself.

    “I hope you can keep the matter of the muscle-building and blood-replenishing pill a secret for me.”

    Gu Fan looked at Meng Lianying and seriously discussed: “Grandpa didn’t give me many high-grade medicines. I’m afraid that if the news gets out, everyone will come to me to buy them and cause trouble. Grandpa is used to keeping a low profile. He only wants me to sell some ordinary medicine to make merit points and buy a house to live in. The Muscle-building and Blood-replenishing Pill is what he left me to protect my life. If you were not too badly injured, I would not even take it out.”

    Meng Lianying said unexpectedly: “Well, don’t worry then, unless you want to, I promise I won’t tell others, including my teammates.”

    Gu Fan smiled at him: “Thank you, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a good and trustworthy person.”

    Meng Lianying had lived up to twenty years old; this was the first time a beautiful girl trusted him so much. He couldn’t help but feel hot in his heart and secretly vowed not to let her down.

    A pair of men and women who appear to be similar in age but are in fact 80 years apart, communicated through two layers of bars in the cell. Almost all of them were Meng Lianying, introducing the situation in the base and how much the housing prices were. Gu Fan blinked a pair of clear black eyes, listening with great interest.

    Her ignorance of the base is just in line with her self-made identity as a retail investor.

    Finally, the time began to approach six o’clock in the afternoon.

    Meng Lianying began to get nervous and walked around the cell. Gu Fan watched him walk around a few times and said with a smile, “You seem to be afraid of your cousin.”

    Meng Lianying complained, “You’ll find out later.”

    Finally, there was the sound of a door opening in the distance, and someone saluted respectfully: “Young Marshal!”

    “Well, where are the people?”

    “This way, I’ll lead the way for you.”

    Meng Lianying gritted his teeth and went to lie down on the wooden bed.

    Gu Fan sat at the end of the bed facing the aisle, waiting to see the style of a powerful S-rank.

    Accompanied by steady and powerful footsteps, a man in a black military uniform walked into her field of vision. He was tall and straight, taller than the door of the cell. His side face was handsome and cold, just like the countless high-level cultivators Gu Fan had once looked up to, with eyes free from the mundane world and seeking Dao wholeheartedly.

    Suddenly, he turned around, and his fierce eyes locked onto her face precisely.

    Gu Fan habitually lowered her eyes and slightly bowed her head to show respect.

    Lu Ya took another look at her fair and clean face, then walked to Meng Lianying’s cell door.


    The author has something to say.

    Lu Ya: How old are you?

    Gu Fan: Exactly 100 years old.

    Lu Ya & Meng Lianying & Officer Wang: ……

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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