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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 3.1

    Chapter 3.1

    Gu Fan thought it was very strange. Lu Ya was just standing in front of Meng Lianying’s cell and didn’t say anything. But Meng Lianying, who was pretending to sleep on the wooden bed, couldn’t lie down anymore. He rubbed his head and sat up, ‘looking surprised’ at Lu Ya: “Cousin? When did you come?”

    Lu Ya stepped aside and signaled the police to unlock the door.

    Meng Lianying didn’t act anymore and raised his chin towards Gu Fan: “She is Gu Fan, a retail investor friend I met outside. I want to take her away with me.”

    Lu Ya looked at Gu Fan: “Retail investor?”

    Gu Fan understood his suspicion, pointed to the hole in Meng Lianying’s right trouser leg and said: “I am a wood-type ability user, his injury was healed by me.”

    Most cultivators of the water and wood types seemed to look brighter and more beautiful, the same is true for those with abilities.

    This kind of statement can not only explain why Gu Fan, as a retail investor, has such a good skin, but also can perfectly hide her muscle-building and blood-replenishing pill.

    Meng Lianying cooperated by raising his right leg.

    Lu Ya glanced at him and asked Gu Fan: “How did you get in?”

    Earlier on the phone, he only told the police not to touch Gu Fan’s backpack, and had no time to inquire about the inside story.

    Gu Fan was embarrassed and said: “I set up a stall to sell medicine, and the police identified me as a drug dealer selling fake medicine.”

    Meng Lianying continued to cooperate and introduced Gu Fan’s illusory S-rank wood-type ability user grandfather.

    Lu Ya: “So, the medicines in your backpack are real?”

    Gu Fan nodded.

    Lu Ya asked someone to unlock the door for Gu Fan, then he took Meng Lianying and Gu Fan together to find Officer Wang.

    Officer Wang was already dealing with other cases. When he saw Lu Ya, Officer Wang stood up in a hurry. Before he retired, he was a member of the Lu family’s army, so he naturally had great respect for Lu Ya.

    When dealing with Officer Wang, Lu Ya was just a decoration, acting as a deterrent. Meng Lianying stood beside Gu Fan and spoke for her.

    Hearing that Gu Fan had an S-ranked wood-type grandfather, Officer Wang finally wavered and asked someone to bring Gu Fan’s backpack first.

    When the backpack was returned to Gu Fan’s hand, Gu Fan kindly poured out a hair growth pill and handed it to Officer Wang: “Try it; I really don’t need to lie to you.”

    Officer Wang: ……

    Although her words are very convincing, the effect of this medicine is still too magical to be true.

    “Try it. If it is fake, continue to follow the procedure.” Lu Ya said suddenly.

    His words were military orders to Officer Wang. He no longer hesitated, took the black pill and threw it into his mouth, resigning himself to death.

    The effect of the medicine will be fully exerted in an hour. During this hour, Lu Ya went to find Zhao Bureau. Officer Wang took Gu Fan to the archives department to register, and gave Gu Fan a communication bracelet. This kind of bracelet integrates identity authentication, merit point account, and intra-base communication into one. Every citizen and foreign retail investors in the base can apply for it once for free, which cannot be transferred and cannot be embezzled.

    Gu Fan was wearing a storage jade bracelet on her left wrist, so she put the communication bracelet on her right wrist.

    She was at least a cultivator with a flexible mind and quickly mastered several uses of the communication bracelet.

    Looking at the bare amount on her account, Gu Fan asked Meng Lianying: “The thousand points, does it still count?”

    Meng Lianying smiled: “Of course.”

    After saying that, he transferred the account to Gu Fan.

    Gu Fan was very happy. According to the information she had collected, 1,000 points was enough for her to live frugally at the base for three months.

    At this time, Officer Wang felt something strange on his head, very itchy and ticklish, yet strangely comfortable.

    “It’s growing; it’s growing!”

    Meng Lianying was the first to notice the change in Officer Wang. On the white scalp, which was illuminated by the police hall lights, a layer of black stubble was slowly sprouting out like mushrooms after the rain. While other parts of the hair also became dark and moist. After just ten minutes, under the onlookers of several police officers, the bald police Officer Wang actually obtained a thick shawl and black hair, looking ten years younger!

    “Really, unexpectedly, it works!”

    “Miss Gu, do you still have it? I will buy it too!”

    “I’ll buy it too!”

    “What are you doing? You are not bald!”

    “My wife is losing her hair; I’ll better give her a hair growth pill that works than giving her a diamond!”

    The hair growth pill was madly sought by a group of policemen. Gu Fan was very generous and did not raise the price because of the crowd, it was still 100 merit points a bottle. Unfortunately, there were only ten bottles in the backpack, and it was difficult to take out stock from the jade bracelet in front of everyone. Nine bottles were sold in one go, and the last one was snatched by Meng Lianying, who gave her a hundred points.

    Gu Fan looked at the top of his head. So young, is he losing his hair too?

    Meng Lianying said righteously: “I’ll keep it for later use!”

    The pressure of survival in the apocalypse is too great; who can guarantee that they will never lose their hair? The only way to be safe is to be prepared!

    “Miss Gu, is the effect of this medicine permanent?”

    “Under normal circumstances, yes, but if the living habits are not good, or if you pull it down deliberately, then the hair that grows out will continue to fall out as well.”

    “When will Miss Gu have more goods?”

    “I’m not sure; wait for my notice. When I settle down at the base, I will open a medicine … store. You can go to the store to buy in the future.”

    “Miss Gu, what other medicine do you still have in your bag?”

    When Lu Ya came down from the second floor, he saw that Gu Fan was surrounded by police officers who kept buying the stuff in her backpack, and Meng Lianying was also following to grab things.

    “This bottle is for treating wind-cold; yes, it is exactly for cold. No matter how serious it is, the moment the medicine is taken, the disease will instantly be cured. The price is 100 points.”

    “This bottle can reduce noise and reduce internal heat.”

    “This bottle removes scars and acne.”

    “This is a bottle that can cure constipation.”

    Lu Ya kept a distance and watched, noticing Officer Wang’s thick hair; he frowned slightly. Is there really such an effective medicine?

    “This bottle is a bit more powerful. It is called Beast Avoidance Pill. If you don’t want to attract the attention of monsters, you can take it before the action to cover up the smell of the human body. The effect can last for exactly 24 hours. No matter what level of monsters, won’t be able to find the location of the person taking the pill based on the smell.”

    Meng Lianying and the police all quieted down, looking eagerly at the things in Gu Fan’s hands.

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