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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 4.1

    Chapter 4.1

    In the midst of the night, the black car continued to drive along the smooth road.

    Meng Lianying had already flipped from the passenger seat to the back row. He was a talkative person. After Lu Ya got off, his mouth barely stopped.

    Gu Fan had never met someone who could speak so much.

    Suddenly, Meng Lianying became quiet. Gu Fan turned her head to see him hunched over, one hand tightly covering his stomach.

    Gu Fan: “Are you not feeling well?”

    Meng Lianying looked embarrassed: “I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten for two meals.”

    Thanks to his cousin’s ruthlessness, he was detained by the base guards and taken to the police station just after he had returned to the base. After his cousin learned that his injuries would not kill him, he did not arrange for medical personnel to rescue him and didn’t allow the police station to deliver him meals, no humanity to speak of.

    Gu Fan: …

    A cultivator in the Qi-refining stage can’t do bigu1 yet, but she can refine bigu pills and eat one for two days without needing to drink water or eat food.

    The status of bigu pills in the cultivation world is equivalent to the rice in the eyes of human beings on earth. If a grain is dropped on the ground, probably no one will pick it up.

    Gu Fan has a lot of bigu pills, but this thing is too heaven-defying in the eyes of humans. They are more magical than hair growth pills and aphrodisiac pills. She can’t take it out easily.

    “When you say that, I feel hungry too.” Gu Fan imitated Meng Lianying and touched her own senseless stomach.

    It turned out they were brothers in hardship2. Meng Lianying felt at ease again: “Soon, just one more turn and we’ll be there. Let Fenghuo roast chicken legs for us later”.

    Gu Fan smiled.

    Two minutes later, the black off-road vehicle stopped in front of another villa.

    Gu Fan followed Meng Lianying out of the car, and Lu Ya’s driver turned the car around and returned the same way.

    Gu Fan turned and looked at the villa in front of her.

    It is a three-story building, a solitary one, kept at a distance from the surrounding villas.

    This is the top rich district in the legendary base, right? Ordinary people lived in high-rise dense apartment buildings, while the rich and powerful lived in the rich district.

    “How many merit points does it cost to buy this kind of villa?” Gu Fan touched the communication bracelet on her right wrist and inquired.

    The three mercenaries she had killed in return3 were weak and poor. They had only heard of the rich district but had never lived there before, so they didn’t know the real market conditions.

    Meng Lianying smiled and said: “The price of the villa is in the range of 100,000 to 1 million merit points. Ours is one of the cheaper ones, 400,000.”

    Gu Fan wanted a villa, this kind of single-family house, secluded and quiet, convenient for her to refine pills.

    But the medicines in her backpack were only sold for 15,000 points.

    “Come in.”


    Gu Fan stood at the door and watched Meng Lianying press his forefinger on a glass-like screen, then the villa’s door opened.

    Almost at the same time, a head poked out from the second floor. It was a man with beautiful facial features that were almost coquettish, with fiery red hair.

    “My teammate, Fenghuo, A-level fire-type ability user.” Meng Lianying waved at the other party and introduced to Gu Fan with a smile.

    Gu Fan was just about to nod when the beautiful man named Fenghuo actually jumped down directly from the second floor: “Did the sun came out from the west today? Your cousin not only let you back, but also sent a beautiful woman to accompany you?”

    When he stood firm, Gu Fan realized that he was very tall, wearing a dark golden… Nightgown?

    The straps of the nightgown were loosely tied around the waist, and the collar was open, revealing a white, jade-like chest.

    Before Gu Fan could see clearly, Meng Lianying stepped in front of her and said to Fenghuo with disgust: “Don’t talk nonsense, her name is Gu Fan. She is a new retail friend I met today. Her grandfather is an S-level wood-type ability user who can refine a lot of excellent medicines. There this kind of hair growth pill where bald people can grow hair after eating it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

    Hair growth pill?

    Just listening to the effect of the medicine, Fenghuo had already respected Gu Fan and her grandfather. He quickly dashed to the door of the hall, only revealing his head and smiling at Gu Fan: “You guys talk first. I’ll go change clothes.”

    Before the voice fell, the person had already disappeared.

    Meng Lianying: “He’s flirtatious and frivolous. Usually, you can treat him like a monkey in the zoo.”

    Gu Fan thought to herself, monkeys are not as pleasing to the eye as Fenghuo.

    After entering the hall, Meng Lianying turned on the lights. 

    Gu Fan had already experienced earth technology at the police station. At this time, she looked as usual and only silently observed the various furnishings inside.

    Meng Lianying rushed into the kitchen clutching his stomach, rummaged through the refrigerator, took out two bottles of juice and two boxes of luncheon meat, and sat on the sofa while calling Gu Fan: “Come on, fill your stomach first.”

    Gu Fan followed the local customs.

    Meng Lianying unscrewed the cap of the juice bottle. The bottle was printed with a large watery peach. Gu Fan tried a sip. The sweet peach taste was very delicious. Some spiritual drinks circulated among the cultivators at the bottom of the cultivation world are not as good as this.

    Gu Fan ate another piece of luncheon meat, which was a little salty but delicious.

    Gu Fan thought, the people on earth don’t cultivate immortality, but the things they make are very delicious.

    Upstairs came the sound of footsteps. There were two people.

    Gu Fan looked up and saw that Fenghuo had changed into a set of black clothes, which was completely different from the texture of the dark golden nightgown, looking very formal.

    Meng Lianying also looked back, and when he saw it, he directly spewed the juice out of his mouth: “D*mn, in the middle of the night, you are crazy ah, you’re wearing a suit?”

    Fenghuo ignored him and winked at Gu Fan.

    Gu Fan still smiled slightly and looked at the man behind Fenghuo.

    If Fenghuo is enchanting like a demon, then the man behind him is like a pool of clear spring, with a clear and ethereal temperament.

    Lu Ya is so cold that his eyes are free of mortal dust; this person is so clean that mortal dust doesn’t have the heart to taint him.

    “His name is Xinghe, A-rank water-type ability user.” Meng Lianying wiped the juice from his chest and did not forget to introduce him to Gu Fan.

    Gu Fan guessed Xinghe’s ability attributes were very much in line with a water cultivator’s temperament, except that Xinghe was also good-looking.

    “Qingteng and Taishan exhausted their physical strength earlier, so they are still sleeping. They may not get up until tomorrow morning.”

    Xinghe nodded towards Gu Fan and said to Meng Lianying.

    Meng Lianying had lingering fears: “Just go to sleep. It’s fine, that tiger lion is too difficult to deal with. If it wasn’t for our tacit understanding, we might have to be its dinner. By the way, Fenghuo, we have no food in the prison. You hurry up and roast a few chicken legs. Laozi’s4 starving to death.”

    Fenghuo: “You eat chicken legs. What does Fanfan like to eat?”

    Gu Fan: “…I also have chicken legs.”

    Fenghuo tugged on his suit and stepped into the kitchen confidently, like a president who was about to attend a high-level business meeting.

    Meng Lianying shot several eye knives at his back.

    Xinghe entertained Gu Fan: “It will take a while over there, let me show you your room first?”

    Gu Fan stood up and said: “Thank you.”

    Meng Lianying was paralyzed on the sofa and didn’t want to move. He waved to Gu Fan: “Go ahead, Xinghe is very reliable in all aspects. You don’t have to worry.”

    1. 辟谷 – To keep away from cereal food as a path to enlightenment/ to fast
    2. 难兄难弟 – fellow sufferers/ in the same boat
    3. 反杀 – respond to an assault by killing one’s assailant
    4. 老子 – I, your father/ I/ father

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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