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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 4.2

    Chapter 4.2

    Gu Fan is not worried at all. Although her strength is poor, she has cultivated for a hundred years and has saved several life-saving things in her hand.

    Xinghe took her up the stairs and introduced things as he walked: “I, Lianying, Fenghuo, and Taishan all live on the second floor. Qingteng is a woman and usually lives on the third floor by herself. There is a vacant room on the third floor; you can live there in the future. Now, she is still in a coma. When she wakes up in the morning, you can ask her first if you need anything.”

    Gu Fan: “I’m causing you trouble.”

    Xinghe smiled: “We are all teammates and help each other, no need to regard yourself as an outsider.”

    Gu Fan’s eyes flickered slightly. She only stayed with them for the time being, but did not say that she wanted to join this mercenary team. The mercenaries in the base are all ability users who do not like to be controlled by the army, but they often take tasks from the military or other organizations to go outside to fight monsters in exchange for merit points. The degree of danger corresponds to the task level.

    Gu Fan only wanted to stay on the base and didn’t want to go out.

    When they arrived on the third floor, Xinghe turned on the lights all the way and pushed open the door for her: “I just had someone clean it during the day. The sheets and everything are newly changed. There is a bathroom inside; you can take a shower first. For clothing, I still have some men’s clothes I haven’t worn. I will lend them to you first?”

    At this time, Gu Fan, besides a wretched, very much like a patchwork battle armor she had picked up, she only brought a backpack.

    A kind of space spar (crystal stone) has evolved on earth. The space spar contains certain storage space, there is no time flow in it. Anything put in will maintain its initial state. However, this kind of spar is only left behind after the death of a space-type ability user or monster. The quantity is minimal. It is all basically in the hands of the military’s high class, which is used to store food and water when going out to fight.

    Rare things are precious. Gu Fan did not dare to reveal her storage jade bracelet, so she pretended to be poor and gratefully agreed to Xinghe’s words.

    Xinghe went to the second floor to get a set of men’s pajamas and a set of sportswear, stood at the door, and handed them to Gu Fan, then he went to the first floor.

    Gu Fan closed the door and drew the curtains.

    She went to the bathroom to see and didn’t quite understand what those things were for, but she didn’t need to use them either. She activated her spiritual power to use a Dust Removal Technique on her body, which made her clean and refreshing from head to toe. Even the patchwork battle armor also became as if it had been carefully washed, leaving only some traces of friction breakage.

    Loosening her long hair and putting on Xinghe’s sportswear, Gu Fan spread out her limbs and lay on the bed, closing her eyes to recall what she had seen and experienced in the past half month.

    She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t know how long it had been, before she was awakened by the beeping sound coming from her communication bracelet.

    Gu Fan pressed to connect.

    Meng Lianying’s voice came over: “Are you ready? The chicken legs are cooked. Do you want to come down to eat, or shall I send it to you?”

    Gu Fan smiled and said: “I’ll come down right away.”

    She jumped out of bed and tied up her long hair with a hair tie. The dress of human beings on Earth was completely different from that of the Cultivation Continent. She was afraid that if she appeared in a fluttering, long dress with a beaded hairpin, she would be regarded as a strange person by the Earth people at a glance.

    On the first floor, Xinghe was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper, while Fenghuo and Meng Lianying were sitting at the dining table.

    Hearing the sound of footsteps, the three looked at Gu Fan together.

    According to the measurement method here, Gu Fan is 1.7 meters tall, but compared with Xinghe, she is still quite slender and petite, and it is a bit absurd to wear an oversized sportswear on her body.

    But at this moment, no one bothered to look at her clothes. Their eyes fell on her radiant white face with a layer of soft light.

    Just like a pearl, the brilliance seems to be dimmed when it is wrapped in the dirt, and if you change it with a better packaging a little bit, the brilliance will immediately become radiant.

    “She looks like this wearing men’s clothing; can you imagine her wearing a skirt?” Fenghuo lowered his head and whispered to Meng Lianying.

    Meng Lianying also withdrew his gaze and shook his head at the roasted chicken legs on the plate.

    After looking at Gu Fan, this chicken leg doesn’t smell that good anymore.

    Xinghe nodded at Gu Fan, then continued reading the newspaper.

    Gu Fan sat next to Meng Lianying and saw that on the table, in addition to a large plate of roast chicken legs, there was also a stir-fry dish and a spare rib soup.

    “Did you make all this?” Gu Fan asked in surprise.

    Fenghuo smiled proudly: “Try it. Anyone who has eaten my craft, no one does not praise it.”

    The smell emanating from the food already tempted Gu Fan, so she picked up her chopsticks and ate seriously.

    There were eight roast chicken legs in total. Gu Fan and Meng Lianying ate four each, and the stir-fries and spare rib soup were also cleaned.

    Fenghuo looked at Gu Fan sympathetically: “You’ve been wandering outside with your grandfather since birth, so you’ve never eaten proper stir-fry dishes, right?”

    Gu Fan nodded.

    Fenghuo: “Have you ever used electronic products? Can you play games?”

    Gu Fan shook her head.

    Fenghuo’s eyes lit up. He immediately went back to his room and brought two tablets to teach Gu Fan how to use them.

    Gu Fan opened her eyes1!

    However, she is not interested in games, so she brushed up on various TV series with relish.

    “These immortals, are they real?” After opening a Xianxia drama, Gu Fan asked excitedly.

    Fenghuo looked at her with more sympathy: “Does your grandfather usually only refine pills? He didn’t even tell you anything before Big Radiation?”

    Gu Fan then realized that it was great to have a non-existent grandfather. She can let her grandpa take the blame for everything.

    Next, Fenghuo began to enthusiastically introduce the history of the Chinese people to her.

    Meng Lianying was the first to go to bed.

    Xinghe accompanied Gu Fan to listen for half an hour and then also went to sleep.

    Talking continuously until 12 o’clock midnight, Fenghuo has long been yawning. But meeting Gu Fan’s big eyes that are thirsty for knowledge, Fenghuo went out, opened a bottle of ice water, and then continued to be a responsible history teacher!


    The author has something to say:

    Later, Meng Lianying brought back another beautiful woman.

    Fenghuo raised his eyelids and continued to play the game.

    Meng Lianying: Why don’t you be too attentive?

    Fenghuo: No, there is a shadow.

    1. 开眼界 – broaden, expand one’s horizons

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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