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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 5.1

    Chapter 5.1

    At two o’clock in the morning, Fenghuo could no longer hold on and collapsed on the sofa.

    Looking at his handsome face covered by his messy short hair, Gu Fan finally yawned.

    In fact, she had already heard enough. But this handsome earth boy entertained her so warmly, that Gu Fan could not discourage other people’s enthusiasm.

    After turning off the lights, Gu Fan lightened her footsteps and went back to her room on the third floor.

    Locking the door, Gu Fan tried the hardness of the mattress; it was too soft, so she sat on the floor and began to cultivate.

    Cultivators do not need to sleep. The effect of meditating for one night is better than sleeping.

    As a cultivator, Gu Fan’s spiritual root qualifications were too poor. She belongs to the kind that cannot build a foundation no matter how hard she tries. Therefore, she has a very peaceful attitude towards cultivation and is diligent, but she doesn’t necessarily need to work hard. During her 100 years in the sect, except for alchemy trading, Gu Fan spent the rest of her time cultivating. However, other cultivators would go out to practice in order to break through the bottleneck and improve the speed of cultivation in each adventure. Gu Fan was timid. After almost losing her life once, she never took a step out of the sect again.

    Unfortunately, the sect was gone, and she passed through to Earth.

    Luckily, the concentration of spiritual energy on Earth is similar to that of the Cultivation Continent, so she can continue to cultivate, refine pills and make money.

    At six o’clock in the morning, a slight sound of pushing the door made Gu Fan retreat from her cultivation state.

    The bright morning light shone through the curtains. Gu Fan moved her muscles and bones refreshingly and then went to the bathroom to wash up, just like the habits of Earthlings in TV dramas.

    Living with the earthlings, she should abide by their habits so as not to reveal flaws in the details.

    When Gu Fan went downstairs, she found five people in the hall. One of them was still sleeping on the sofa, and the other four were sitting around the dining table, discussing something in a low voice.

    Seeing Gu Fan, Meng Lianying waved at her with a smile and moved a chair for her.

    Gu Fan sat down.

    Meng Lianying, Fenghuo, and Xinghe, she recognizes. There were two left, named Taishan and Qingteng.

    Taishan is A-rank earth and rare space-type ability user, tall and sturdy, with a calm and resolute square face, looking very reliable. If Gu Fan wants to go out, she will definitely follow Taishan closely.

    Qingteng is the adopted younger sister of Xinghe, an A-rank wood-type ability user. She’s 17 or 18 years old and very beautiful, but her personality is extremely cold. She nodded slightly to Gu Fan as a greeting.

    “Don’t look at Qingteng’s young age. She is the most proficient in using abilities among the five of us. In terms of healing, as long as the person is still breathing, multiple injuries can be rescued by her. In terms of attack, Qingteng can turn any kind of plant into a poisonous vine, which can attack and retreat as well as defend, and its combat power is superb.”

    Gu Fan showed an envious look. These five people, even in the cultivation continent, will also be a good seedling of genius level.

    “My name is Gu Fan, a C-rank wood and fire dual-type ability user. My attack power is not good, and I can only protect myself in front of a few C-rank monsters. My only specialty is that I can refine some pills to improve physical defects, such as hair growth pills.”

    As a newcomer, Gu Fan not only briefly introduced herself but also hinted that this mercenary team should not expect her to leave the base with them to do dangerous missions.

    Taishan: “How do you refine pills?”

    Gu Fan: “I have an alchemy furnace, which is too heavy. It’s inconvenient for me to bring it over, so I hid it in a nearby place. When I’m ready to settle down at the base, then I’ll go transport the alchemy furnace back. That kind of cumbersome thing, even if someone sees it, they’ll unlikely move it.”

    Meng Lianying: “Is it close to the base? Then I’ll go with you to get it.”

    “I’m going too!” they didn’t know when Fenghuo woke up. As soon as he heard that they were going out of the base, he raised his hand and called out.

    Meng Lianying: “You woke up just in time, hurry up and cook. Taishan’s stomach has thundered several times.”

    Fenghuo rubbed his head with his hands: “You guys are exploiting! I am a dignified fire god. Let the words out, and the four major families will rush to recruit me. You actually used me as a cook!”

    Meng Lianying: “Do you want to go to the four major families? How about going to the Lu family? I will introduce you to my cousin. He will definitely not treat you as a cook.”

    The cousin would likely take Fenghuo to serve as a loot. Every day standing on the frontline, not allowed to come back.

    Of course, Fenghuo knew who Meng Lianying’s cousin was. Thinking of Lu Ya’s cold face, Fenghuo sobered up completely and went to the kitchen in a crumpled suit.

    Gu Fan looked at the black hair of the other four people and asked Meng Lianying curiously: “Why is Fenghuo’s hair red?”

    Xinghe smiled: “It’s dyed in the barbershop. As long as you want, the barbershop can dye your hair into various colors.”

    Gu Fan:  …

    It’s earth technology again. She thought that Fenghuo had gone crazy and changed his hair color when he was practicing his abilities.

    “Do you want to change your clothes?” Qingteng, who had been silent, suddenly asked.

    Gu Fan looked at the bloated men’s clothes and couldn’t ask for more1.

    Qingteng took her to the third floor.

    When she stood up, Gu Fan realized that the girl was extremely tall, slightly taller than her–a 100-year-old female cultivator.

    Cultivation aptitude will also affect physical quality. Qingteng is definitely an inner disciple if placed in the cultivation continent.

    “My clothes are all here. You can pick them yourself.”

    Opening the closet, Qingteng said graciously.

    Gu Fan swept through the row of clothes. Except for the black sportswear, which was a dark gray armor, there was no need to choose at all.

    Gu Fan took a set of sportswear and said to Qingteng: “When I buy new clothes, I will return this to you.”

    Qingteng hummed out of necessity.

    Gu Fan went back to her room to change her clothes.

    1. 求之不得 – lit. seek but fail to get (idiom); fig. exactly what one’s been looking for

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