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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish Chapter 5.2

    Chapter 5.2

    She is about the same height as Qingteng, but the difference in the figure is big. Qingteng is very thin, so thin that it is almost impossible to see her female features. Gu Fan had taken the marrow washing pill, and all aspects of her body had reached the perfect state she should have. White skin, good looks, thin waist, long legs, and even her chest made this casual sportswear look sexy and enchanting.

    When she came out, Qingteng’s eyes stayed on her chest for a long time.

    Gu Fan wanted to laugh. Is the little girl envious of her?

    “I can refine breast enhancement pills. Do you want one? I’ll give you one for free.” Gu Fan walked over and asked in a low voice.

    Qingteng blushed, seemingly not expecting her to say such a thing, followed by a taut face and a snort: “I don’t need it.”

    After that, Qingteng went downstairs.

    Gu Fan followed.

    During the meal, except for Xinghe and Taishan, Meng Lianying, Fenghuo, and Qingteng didn’t seem to dare look directly at Gu Fan. She didn’t know what they were guilty of.

    Gu Fan looked calm. In her eyes, these five people are strong, but they are also just pure-hearted little babies.

    After dinner, Qingteng stayed at the villa, Xinghe and Taishan went to buy things, and Meng Lianying and Fenghuo accompanied Gu Fan to move the alchemy furnace.

    There were six cars of different styles parked in the garage, and Gu Fan asked Meng Lianying: “How many points are needed for these cars?”

    Fenghuo rushed to introduce: “There is a shortage of materials, and technology is advancing rapidly under pressure. Now all the bases are driving pure solar electric vehicles. We have made sufficient merit points and bought a car for several tens of thousands. If it’s just for ordinary travel, a good one for five or six thousand points, and a second-rate can be bought for two or three thousand points.”

    Gu Fan pointed to the only off-road vehicle.

    Meng Lianying: “This is the most advanced six-seat combat vehicle available in the market. It is electric and dual-fuel driven. The body is bulletproof and resistant to ordinary ability attacks. The price is one million merit points.”

    Fenghuo: “There is a reason for it being expensive. People with abilities can have this kind of car to be more powerful, and ordinary people buy one in case of an accident at the base one day. This kind of car can simply save lives.”

    Gu Fan only has admiration.

    Earthlings have so many things that can be used as magic treasures.

    Since they were going out of the base, the three of them got on the off-road vehicle. Meng Lianying drove, Fenghuo sat in the passenger side, and Gu Fan sat in the back, so that it was fair.

    Leaving the main city, the road leading to the entrance of the base was wide and less crowded. Meng Lianying was driving as fast as flying. Gu Fan looked at the rapidly receding scenery on both sides and had the illusion of flying with a sword.

    Of course, she couldn’t control the sword. She only sat on a certain senior sister’s wind sword.

    There are paper cranes in the storage jade bracelet, which are only driven by spiritual power. Unfortunately, the speed is too slow to be used in the base. It is also useless outside the base because a monster that can fly will catch up in a short while.

    The mercenaries are very free to enter and leave the base. A simple verification of identity, and they’ll be released.

    Gu Fan casually pointed to a place.

    When they arrived at an abandoned park, Gu Fan was the first to run behind a broken wall and quickly released her alchemy furnace.

    When Meng Lianying and Fenghuo came over, they saw a black alchemy furnace steadily placed on the wild grass. It was about one meter high and had three layers of furnace body. The upper two layers were slender and long gourd-shaped. The bottom is a large belly, surrounded by four carved flying dragons with their tails hanging on the ground, and an overhead furnace body.

    “Good fellow, did your grandfather make it?” Fenghuo curiously circled around the alchemy furnace and knocked on it, trying to determine the material of the alchemy furnace.

    Gu Fan skillfully fooled them: “Maybe, as long as I can remember, there have been several alchemy furnaces at home. After I learned alchemy, I chose this one.”

    Fenghuo lifted the lid of the furnace. There was another cave inside, which was cumbersome and complex.

    Having learned about the structure of the alchemy furnace, Fenghuo was eager to try it, urging Gu Fan: “Can you show us your skills first? I’m too curious about alchemy. Among the gods in the Journey to the West, I like Taishang Laojun the most.”

    Gu Fan: “Taishang Laojun?”

    Fenghuo blinked: “A Xianxia drama. When we go back, I’ll find it for you. You refine pills first.”

    Gu Fan explained: “Alchemy requires herbs, here…”

    She looked around and found no herbs available. However, when Gu Fan wandered further afield in her first half month here, she found a few herbs that also existed in the Cultivation Continent. So she was full of confidence in doing her old job on Earth.

    “There are no herbs. Just pull a few weeds and try?” Meng Lianying was also curious. “Anyway, let’s see the process. The results are not important.”

    Gu Fan smiled and decided to satisfy them.

    She pulled out a few weeds and put them into the alchemy furnace, and asked the two of them to be vigilant around. She sat cross-legged on the ground and activated her fire spirit ability. A cluster of golden-red flames suddenly appeared below the alchemy furnace.

    Gu Fan can control the temperature of the fire at will, and the flame also shows different colors.

    Five minutes later, a cloud of black smoke suddenly emerged from the top of the furnace.

    Gu Fan put away the fire and said helplessly: “The medicinal properties cannot be fused and cannot become a pill.”

    Fenghuo opened the lid of the alchemy furnace. There was only a dark paste inside.

    After seeing it, Fenghuo touched his chin and asked Gu Fan: “I can also set fire, so can I also refine pills?”

    Gu Fan said: “Do you know medicinal herbs? Do you know the medicinal properties of various medicinal herbs? Do you know what temperature each medicinal herb needs?”

    Fenghuo: …

    He doesn’t know, and doesn’t want to memorize them. The ancient poems are fine. If he memorizes those complicated medicinal herbs, he has a headache!

    Seeing him give up the idea, Gu Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Fenghuo doesn’t want to learn; she doesn’t want to teach. To teach the disciple, the master will starve to death. This truth, can she not understand better?


    The author has something to say.

    Lu Ya:  I think all of you talented people can play a better role.

    Gu Fan +5: totally unnecessary!

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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