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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish: Chapter 7.1

    “Sorry, Mr. Lu. It is too dangerous outside the base. I don’t want to take risks.”

    Gu Fan rejected Lu Ya’s proposal like she had rejected Xinghe and others, and proposed a solution: “If you don’t believe in the efficacy of the Beast Avoidance Pill, we can cancel the transaction. Return the Beast Avoidance Pill to me, and I will refund you 10,000 merit points.”

    Behind came the sound of inhalation. It was Meng Lianying who covered his mouth.

    It was normal for Gu Fan to reject them, but Gu Fan dared to reject his cousin?

    Meng Lianying’s eyes were already full of sympathy when he looked at Gu Fan.

    Hearing this, Lu Ya turned the porcelain bottle in his hand and looked at Gu Fan with scrutiny: “You don’t dare follow me to An City. Are you worried that if I find out that this is a fake medicine, you won’t be able to explain it?”

    Gu Fan seriously said: “You can insult me, but don’t insult my grandfather.”

    Lu Ya: “Miss Gu misunderstood. Unless others provoke me first, I will not insult anyone. However, since you are in the business of selling medicines, you should establish a good reputation. You and I can cancel this transaction, but I will question the efficacy of your medicine. I questioned, the base’s business administration department will absolutely not apply for a business license for you. Without a business license, if you sell any more medicine, you will be detained by the police.”

    If Gu Fan turned around, she would find that the corners of Meng Lianying’s mouth had begun to twitch.

    But Gu Fan was suspicious of Lu Ya’s threat: “I was selling medicine at the police station yesterday, and I didn’t have a business license at that time. Why they didn’t arrest me?”

    Lu Ya: “Because at that time, those police officers thought you were the person I wanted to take care of, and they gave me face.”

    Gu Fan:…

    Meng Lianying finally could not stand it anymore. He came to Gu Fan’s side, patted her shoulder, and said: “Just go with my cousin. Don’t worry. My cousin will definitely protect you from returning safely.” If that whatever Beast Avoidance pills you have really is effective, Meng Lianying added silently in his heart. 

    Gu Fan sort of understood that she had provoked the local tyrant1 of the base. If she did not agree to Lu Ya, she would not be able to gain a foothold at the base.

    “Of course, if Miss Gu’s medicine is useful, I will compensate you 10,000 points as a physical and mental compensation for the tiring travel to and from An City.”

    After hitting a stick, Lu Ya timely handed Gu Fan a sweet date. 2 

    Gu Fan didn’t find it sweet at all, but this kind of high price compensation did make her unwillingness to feel a little better.

    At this moment, Xinghe, Fenghuo, Taishan, and Qingteng, who had been listening, ended the discussion in a low voice and walked over to Lu Ya and said: “Young Marshal. In fact, before you came over, Gu Fan had already agreed to go with us to An City to do a mission. Since the Young Marshal also wanted to go to An City to hunt and kill the Wind Bear, why don’t we go together?”

    Gu Fan’s heart was slightly touched, but her face didn’t show any flaws.

    Seeing that Lu Ya seemed reluctant, Xinghe explained with a smile: “Gu Fan is timid. If monsters attack, she will feel more at ease with more people around her. Of course, after this trip, she has seen the strength of the Young Marshal. If she has another chance to go out alone with the Young Marshal, she will no longer have such concerns again.”

    Lu Ya accepted this explanation and asked: “When are you planning to leave for An City?”

    Xinghe: “We will set off early the morning after tomorrow. What does the Young Marshal think?”

    Lu Ya: “Okay.”

    Meng Lianying coughed, put one hand on Gu Fan’s shoulder, and asked for benefits for her: “Cousin, look at Fanfan. A newcomer retail investor who does not even have decent armor. It is so dangerous outside the base. Since you asked her to go out with you, shouldn’t you prepare a set of armor for Fanfan?”

    Gu Fan glanced at him again. Don’t think that she would forget about Meng Lianying arranging the sofa for Lu Ya to sit face to face with her.

    Lu Ya was generous: “A set of A-grade armor, is that okay?”

    Meng Lianying’s eyes lit up, then immediately was a little jealous, and sourly said: “My A-grade armor is all earned by myself. Cousin, you are biased.”

    Lu Ya turned a deaf ear and dialed a number. While waiting, he glanced up and down at Gu Fan.

    Gu Fan was baffled.

    Three seconds later, the communication was connected, and Lu Ya said expressionlessly: “Prepare a set of A-grade women’s armor, height 170. Other sizes are calculated according to the golden ratio. Deliver it tomorrow morning…”

    Gu Fan noticed an unfamiliar word, the golden ratio.

    She turned her head and asked Meng Lianying, who was the nearest: “What is the golden ratio?”

    Meng Lianying’s handsome face flushed slightly, his eyes flickering: “This, I’m not at liberty to say. You can check it up yourself.”

    Gu Fan looked at the others.

    Xinghe had already sat back on the sofa and read the newspaper while, Fenghuo pulled Taishan and Qingteng to play cards, all without looking at her.

    “See you at the base exit the day after tomorrow.”

    Lu Ya arranged Gu Fan’s armor, stood up, and said goodbye.

    Meng Lianying went to see him off. Gu Fan opened the laptop behind her and searched for “golden ratio”.

    A lot of content popped up on the web page. Gu Fan picked a link related to her figure and clicked on it. After reading it carefully, she finally understood why Lu Ya glanced at her so quickly with that kind of look before making a call.

    As a 100-year-old female cultivator whose age was about the same as the five of Meng Lianying combined, Gu Fan felt that she had been slighted by a descendant.

    A young but talented descendant, she would certainly not be able to beat.

    1. a snake in its old haunts—local villain; local bully; local tyrant
    2. hitting a stick can mean (punishment; making you fear him), then giving a sweet date/jujube (coaxing; making you comfortable or giving you benefits). I beat you, then coax you.

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