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Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish: Chapter 7.2

    Meng Lianying had just come back from sending Lu Ya off when he entered the door and saw Gu Fan looking unhappily at the laptop screen. Meng Lianying guessed it and hurriedly explained: “Fanfan, don’t misunderstand. My cousin does like to use his power to pressure people, but he would never deliberately take liberties with people. He observed your figure just to arrange a suitable armor for you. You don’t want the armor to be sent over and end up wearing it inappropriately, right?”

    Gu Fan calmed down and asked him: “I heard that A-grade l armor can fly?”

    Meng Lianying: “Yes, the A-grade armor is equipped with flying boots and jet engines, with a speed that can reach 20 kilometers per hour, which can withstand physical attacks of bullet strength. Due to the shortage of high-tech materials, A-grade armor has a price but no market. Usually, only A-ranked ability users can get a set after reaching a certain contribution value.”

    “Yeah, why is your cousin so generous to Fanfan?” Fenghuo asked suspiciously.

    Meng Lianying touched his head: “Perhaps it is a temporary loan to Fanfan? Cousin is going to deal with that wind bear, and he’s also afraid that Fanfan will have an accident.”

    Gu Fan: … how the more you say, the more dangerous it becomes?

    At 8:00 the next morning, two men in military uniforms, armed with guns, personally delivered the armor to Gu Fan. After the handover, the two left.

    Gu Fan went back to the room to change clothes.

    It has to be said, Lu Ya’s eyes are poisonous enough. Gu Fan’s marrow-washed body really conforms to the modern population’s golden ratio. The body-fitting design of the black-gray armor worn on her body not only perfectly outlines her figure, but also ensures that any movement she makes is smooth and natural, without hindrance.

    Learning from Qingteng, Gu Fan tied her long hair to the top of her head.

    After getting dressed, Gu Fan opened the door and walked down the stairs.

    Meng Lianying and the others were waiting in the hall. Seeing the armor-clad Gu Fan, who was gradually stepping down the stairs step by step. Fenghuo deeply swallowed a mouthful of saliva and whispered: “It turns out that not all female ability users become men when they put on battle armor.”

    Before he finished speaking, Qingteng kicked his calf.

    Fenghuo let out a miserable scream.

    Qingteng directly greeted Gu Fan and said: “Let’s go. I’ll take you to practice the operation method of flying boots.”

    It was too conspicuous and inconvenient to practice inside the base.

    Xinghe said to Taishan: “You go with them.”

    There are no high-level monsters near the base. What Gu Fan needs to watch out for are other mercenaries. A set of A-grade armor is enough for some mercenaries to take the risk of snatching.

    Three minutes later, Taishan drove and left the villa with Gu Fan and Qingteng.

    Fenghuo leaned against the door with his arms folded in his chest and looked at the off-road vehicle that was going away. He turned around and asked Xinghe: “Didn’t you say we will be going to do the Ning City mission before? Why did it change to An City?”

    At this moment, Fenghuo lost the usual sloppy jokes in his eyes and was very calm.

    Meng Lianying was also quieter than usual, waiting for Xinghe’s answer.

    Xinghe sat on the sofa and replied calmly while reading the newspaper: “Gu Fan seems to be hiding some secrets. Lu Ya wants to know, and I am also very curious.”

    Fenghuo frowned: “So, you asked to go along, is not to protect Fanfan?”

    Xinghe: “Protection and observation can be carried out at the same time. These two things are not contradictory.”

    Fenghuo emphasized: “I don’t think Fanfan is a bad person.”

    Xinghe smiled, looked over, and said: “I didn’t say she was a bad person. If I had doubts about her character, I wouldn’t have let her live here.”

    Fenghuo couldn’t see through him, so he turned to Meng Lianying and asked: “You brought Fanfan back. What do you say?”

    Meng Lianying thought of the muscle-building & blood-enriching pill that Gu Fan had given him. As Xinghe guessed, Gu Fan must have other secrets.

    But he had promised Gu Fan that he would not tell anyone.

    “I think she is timid. She has never been in contact with anyone except her grandpa, so she can’t trust us completely.”

    In his eyes, Gu Fan is simple and kind, eager for knowledge, and is totally a retail girl who is not deeply involved in the world.

    Fenghuo nodded: “I have the same opinion as you.”

    Xinghe held up the spectacle frame: “Why are you acting like I’m a bad person? I only said to observe her, not to harm her. In comparison, Lu Ya forced her to go to An City. That’s the real bad. Why don’t you criticize him?”

    Fenghuo: “Lu Ya is too strong. I dare not.”

    Xinghe looked at Meng Lianying.

    Meng Lianying: “You are a fox. It’s okay to say a few words. My cousin is a wolf. Provoke him, and you’ll be devoured.”

    At seven o’clock in the morning, the three people left the base. The major general of the guard at the entrance of the base reported the matter to Lu Ya. Including the video of the three people sitting in the car going in and out.

    Lu Ya sat alone in the villa’s study, watching Gu Fan in the video.

    She sat in the back row, her face blocked by the window glass, showing only her upper body to her knees.

    The body wrapped in the armor was sexy and hot, but Lu Ya didn’t care. Then went on to open another video.

    It was a surveillance video from the prison, which recorded Gu Fan throwing a red pill at Meng Lianying.

    The surveillance only filmed the aisle and recorded the sound, but the conversation between the two was too low to distinguish.

    Lu Ya believes that Gu Fan is a retail investor1. Therefore, she is unaware of the existence of such things as monitors.

    Lu Ya pressed the screen, and the video froze at the moment when the red pill flew out of Gu Fan’s hand. He zoomed in on the screen, and the ordinary cherry-sized pill became clearer.

    It should be this medicine that cured Lianying’s bone-deep leg injury in just three hours or even less time and recovered as before. The effect is astonishing.

    Lu Ya is very interested in this red medicine.

    He wanted to know whether Gu Fan had more stock in her hand, and he wanted to know even more if she had an S-rank wood-type ability user expert grandfather or not. If the grandfather was just her fabricated smoke bomb (cover-up), then it would mean that Gu Fan not only had the strength to survive outside the base for a long time, but also refined those medicines with miraculous effects herself. If so, with this kind of talent, Lu Ya will absolutely not let go.

    1. I don’t know, but 散户 means small investor or retailer in dictionaries or mtl. 散 means scattered or loose, and 户 means household or family [住户].

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