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DSSF : Chapter 6.1

    Fenghuo and Meng Lianying joined forces and moved Gu Fan’s alchemy furnace to the car.

    Gu Fan also does not want them to waste their efforts, but a space spar with a capacity comparable to an off-road vehicle can cause a bloodbath between mercenaries. Her storage bracelet can hold a football field, which is too risky to expose. Gu Fan would instead take the effort to carefully cover it up and would later send Fenghuo some more good medicine to make up for it.

    Gu Fan purchased some daily necessities. She did not choose branded clothes, as long as they fit well and looked nice. She bought a soap to disguise her cleaning spells and chose an expensive laptop to search for a lot of things later. At last, Gu Fan also wanted to buy herself a scooter1.

    Fenghuo gave a friendly reminder: “If you want to drive, you have to get a driver’s license first.”

    Gu Fan: “Isn’t that a very simple skill?”

    She has learned just watching them drive.

    Meng Lianying let out a toothy smile: “Even if you are born a natural Car God, you still have to get your driver’s license first. Otherwise, you will be imprisoned again if you are discovered.”

    So, Gu Fan did not buy a car, but first went to register for the driver’s license test.

    After the registration was over, the three went to the city hall again.

    The City Hall has an area dedicated to posting various mercenary missions.

    Gu Fan came here today mainly to visit and understand the process, so she left after a stroll.

    Back at the villa, Gu Fan greeted the other team members and returned to her room with the newly purchased laptop.

    Fenghuo had already helped her with some basic settings for the laptop. Gu Fan leaned against the soft and comfortable bedside and eagerly looked through an e-book -《 Plant Encyclopedia – The Latest Edition of the End Times 》

    Her inventory of medicinal herbs and spiritual herbs is limited. If she wants to develop sustainably on the Earth, she has to know what spiritual herbs are available here.

    The names of the same plants are not the same as that of Cultivation Continent and Earth. So every time she saw a high-resolution photo of a familiar herb, Gu Fan took a screenshot and saved it in a specially created “Herbal Medicine” folder.

    She was so hungry (eager) that she did not even go downstairs for lunch until the evening, when the search and proofreading task was completed.

    To sum up, all the medicinal materials needed for “unimpressive” pills that Gu Fan can refine can be found on Earth, including the muscle-building & blood-replenishing blood pills and even the medicinal herbs used by the cultivators in the Foundation period. It is just that most of the herbs grow in the deep mountains and old forests, where monsters are scattered. The more precious the herbal are, the higher the risk of collection.

    Gu Fan touched her chin. As she expected, she also needed to issue a task, but she didn’t know whether there were mercenaries who would be willing to take it.

    After all, gathering herbs is a test of eyesight. In case of tossing for a long time and picking the wrong one, she would need to pay for it – for nothing. If she does not pay, what if she runs into a powerful and unreasonable mercenary, and they would wait for the opportunity to retaliate against her?

    “Fanfan, come downstairs for dinner!”

    Fenghuo’s voice came up. Gu Fan rubbed her long hair and went down with the laptop in her arms.

    Fenghuo was serving dishes when he saw her walking down in a long dress with messy hair, relying on her beauty and disregarding her image. Fenghuo tutted gently: “Fanfan, have you been harmed by the game too?”

    He also had a stage of being obsessed with games, not to mention eating; he had to hold a laptop when going to the toilet.

    Gu Fan did not understand what he meant and looked toward the living room.

    Taishan, Qingteng, and Meng Lianying were sitting on the floor, playing poker. Xinghe was sitting on the sofa wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, holding a newspaper in his hand.

    Xinghe seems to like reading newspapers very much.

    Gu Fan decisively walked to Xinghe’s side and sat down, turning the laptop screen to his side: “Captain, I need these herbs for alchemy. Do you think if I post this kind of herbal gathering mission, will there be mercenaries to take it up?”

    Just as she finished speaking, Meng Lianying and Qingteng came over and looked at the screen curiously.

    Taishan also stood behind the sofa.

    Everyone was very interested in Gu Fan’s alchemy.

    Xinghe put down the newspaper, supported the mirror frame, put the laptop on his lap, swiped the screen with his slender fingertips, and carefully browsed the screenshots of Gu Fan’s herbs.

    In each picture of herbs, there are herb names, introductions to common growing places, some rare herbs, and even herbs that only grow in a specific mountainous region or lake area.

    “Take hair growth pills as an example. You sell one hair growth pill for fifty points, while the raw material requires two aconites. So, when you post the mission, how much reward are you prepared to offer?”

    Gu Fan: “Aconitum grass grows in patches. You can collect at least 10 if you find one. I’ll split it 50-50 with the mercenaries. Ten aconites can be refined into five hair growth pills, so I’ll offer the mercenaries 125 points of payment, is that okay?”

    Meng Lianying folded his arms on his chest and pondered: “Any C-rank monster can be exchanged for 100 points, and it’s much easier to find than collecting herbs. Just considering the reward, your mission does not attract mercenaries. Let’s put it this way; if I find Aconitum grass while doing other tasks, I will pick it up on the way. But if I don’t encounter it, I probably won’t waste time looking for it specifically. There are so many weeds out there, it’s too troublesome to identify it.”

    Gu Fan frowned slightly.

    Xinghe looked at her and said: “Most mercenaries should have the idea like Fenghuo, picking herbs or not is full of randomness. If you don’t lack merit points, you can try posting a mission and wait patiently. If you want to have a stable source of income, I suggest you follow us on a mission. You only need to be responsible for collecting herbs, and we will try our best to protect your safety.”

    This is a very sincere invitation.

    Gu Fan hesitated.

    She wanted to buy a single-family villa, and she also wanted to buy a storefront. She was short of merit points, and counting on the random gathering of mercenaries was too slow.

    However, there are many dangers outside the base. She believes that Meng Lianying and others will not harm her, but when they are really in danger and when they are overwhelmed, how much heart can they spare to protect her, a shallow friend?

    Gu Fan cherishes her life. She doesn’t like taking risks. If she had to choose, she would prefer to slowly accumulate merit points while also ensuring life safety to the greatest extent.

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