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DSSF : Chapter 6.2


    She is an ant1 who has walked twice before the gate of hell closed.

    “Thank you, but I’m timid. So I won’t go out, and I don’t want to drag you guys down for nothing.” Gu Fan apologized.

    Xinghe smiled: “That’s all right. In this way, you can send me this folder, and I will pick it up for you when I have a chance.”

    Meng Lianying patted his chest: “There is also me. We go out to do tasks, and we don’t fight monsters every day. If we look at the grass more during our break, maybe you will be lucky.”

    “Me too!”

    Fenghuo suddenly ran over from the kitchen and made a statement, even without hearing the words clearly.

    They were so enthusiastic, and Gu Fan felt even more embarrassed. She is used to being alone. She did not like to meddle in other people’s business or owe favors.

    “Okay, you can help me collect medicines. If you have any physical problems later, I may have the corresponding medicine.”

    Fenghuo touched his red hair, feeling that one day he would need Gu Fan’s hair growth pill.

    At the same time, inside the Lu Family Army special research base.

    In the resting area, Lu Ya stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in a military uniform. The sunset was setting outside. Looking around, there were many tall buildings in the distance, the road was full of traffic, and the base was peaceful and prosperous, just like the bustling city before the Big Radiation in the movies and television dramas.

    Only when you leave the base, you would really understand what has happened to humankind in the past 50 years. Other cities outside the base have long been turned into waste areas. The humans who had no time to escape were bitten by monsters, and the blood and rotting flesh have long been washed clean by the rain, leaving only fragmented white bones.

    A familiar footstep sounded in the corridor. Lu Ya turned around.

    Professor Ma was dressed in a white coat, and at forty years old, the top of his head was already half bald.

    Not knowing what to think of, Lu Ya quickly moved his eyes away from the top of Professor Ma’s head and looked at the report in his hand.

    “The pill you gave me, I only took a quarter of it, half of which were used for analysis. Only one kind of herb with neutralizing effect was analyzed, and the rest had no corresponding herb for the time being. The other half I took to do experiments on monsters. It indeed has the effect of shielding the body odor, but the dosage was too small, and the maintenance time was limited.”

    He said it so clearly that Lu Ya did not read the paper report and asked: “Can it be harmful to the human body?”

    Professor Ma shook his head: “It’s not toxic. You can use it with confidence. However, where exactly did you get this pill from?”

    He returned the remaining medicinal pills to Lu Ya together with the porcelain bottle.

    Lu Ya took the porcelain bottle, turned it in his palm, and said with downcast eyes: “Keep it a secret for now. If I can get more, I will inform you.”

    Leaving the research base, Lu Ya got into the car.

    Driver: “Are you going back to the villa?”

    Lu Ya leaned back on the seat, looked out the window, and said: “Go and see Lianying.”

    The driver understood and silently drove off.

    When they arrived at the villa, Meng Lianying, Xinghe, and others were discussing the next mission location. There were three options in total, which needed a unified opinion.

    Gu Fan nestled in the single-seat sofa and flipped through the electronic version of 《 The Latest Version of Monster Encyclopedia 》, while listening to them distractedly, which can be regarded as increasing her understanding of the outside of the base.

    The atmosphere was quite harmonious, when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

    Taishan went over to open the door, and everyone stared at the door.

    After a while, Taishan led a man in a neat military uniform.

    The ordinary powerful people will be feared, while super-powerful people will instinctively surrender.

    To Gu Fan, Meng Lianying and the others were also powerful but she is already familiar with them and did not feel any class difference. However, as soon as Lu Ya appeared, Gu Fan subconsciously closed her laptop and put it aside, and stood up along with Xinghe and four others to show their respect for Lu Ya.

    “Cousin, you are not here to find me, are you?” Meng Lianying hid behind the Fenghuo, only revealing his head to stare at Lu Ya.

    Lu Ya: “No, I’m looking for her.”

    Thus, everyone’s eyes followed him and fell on Gu Fan’s face together.

    Gu Fan:…

    Lu Ya looked at her sofa and then looked around.

    Meng Lianying was very grateful that his cousin didn’t come to catch him. He immediately pushed another single sofa to Gu Fan’s side and enthusiastically adjusted the positions of the two sofas so that Lu Ya could talk to Gu Fan face to face.

    Gu Fan took a deep look at Meng Lianying.

    Meng Lianying has already gone to make tea for Lu Ya.

    “Miss Gu, sit down. No need to be restrained.” Lu Ya took the lead and sat down. Seeing that Gu Fan was still standing, he made a “please” gesture.

    On the couch not far away, Xinghe, Taishan, Qingteng, and Fenghuo all stopped their discussions and turned their attention to this side.

    Lu Ya, as if nothing had happened, took out Gu Fan’s small porcelain bottle.

    Gu Fan noticed at a glance that a quarter of the Beast Avoidance Pills inside were missing!


    “I took it for testing. I know nothing about you. This kind of oral stuff, I need to make sure it is not toxic.”

    Gu Fan only felt lament!

    She only had a total of ten Beast Avoidance Pills, using one less than the other. Unless she is lucky enough to break through to the Foundation-building Stage, she will never be able to refine it again. And one of them was actually wasted by this ignorant Earth expert.

    “What’s the test result?” Due to the strength gap, Gu Fan asked politely.

    Lu Ya: “It’s non-toxic, but whether it can avoid beasts or not, we need to try it to know.”

    Gu Fan: “How are you going to try?”

    Lu Ya: “There is an S-rank wind bear near An City that can detect the scent of any living creature within 100 kilometers. I have tried to kill it many times but failed because it detected me in advance. Therefore, I want to take this Beast Avoidance Pill with me to try. I wonder what effect it will have on the medicinal efficacy with only three quarters left?”

    Gu Fan: “A complete pill lasts for 24 hours, and now there are only 18 hours left.”

    Lu Ya: “Enough time, but I need you to go with me. In case this medicine does not work, you and I can confront each other on the spot.”

    Gu Fan:  …

    Accompany him to kill the S-rank wind bear?

    Can she return the 10,000 merit points to Lu Ya and not do his business?


    The author has something to say:

    Fanfan: Earthlings are too treacherous!

    1. 蝼蚁 – lit. mole cricket and ants / fig. tiny individuals with no power

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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